Hedera EMN #1 • a Track at bandcamp • 12.4.2021

Hedera EMN, the concept: each of us records an solo improvisation with a length of approx. 70-190 seconds and sends 20% of this recording on to the next in sequence. The sequence we fixed before. 
The 20% can be copied from the middle to the end of the recording tracks. 
The next one in sequence refers to the copied recording (20%) in its own improvisation – or not, makes a recording of it and in turn sends its 20% copy to the next one in the sequence and so on. 
This track starts with Felix Mayer: trombone, continue with Heiner Metzger: prepared clarinet, then Kristin Kuldkepp: double bass, Christoph Funabashi: electric guitar + fieldrecordings > Kristin Kuldkepp > Felix Mayer > Christoph Funabashi. 

Concept and mix of the seven records by Heiner Metzger


released April 12, 2021





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