Studie 1 der Langen Weile • Track von Heiner Metzger • bandcamp 14.11.16

The study 1 of the long while is a concept piece composed for an ensemble of two clarinet musicians minimum. One sheet with 44 notes between a‘ flat and the d“ and four bars rest.
The score should be read in one direction and then turned and played without a gap. Each player has to start and continue in an individual tempo and not adapt the tempo of one other player.
After the two sheets of the score read in both directions only read the score without playing the notes in the same tempo as before, then start again playing the score in the both directions.
Thereafter stop playing and stay until the last of the musicians finished – the piece is over.
For this recording i played 10 different tracks, 4 with alto clarinet and 6 with clarinet.

released November 14, 2016 at bandcamp






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