Mi, 24.4.2019 • Amnon Wolman, Michael Maierhof, Heiner Metzger • 21 Uhr Hörbar

Mittwoch, 24. April  – 21:00 Hörbar, Brigittenstr. 5 (Hinterhof)

Stark Bewölkt – Konzertreihe für aktuelle Musik präsentiert:

Amon Wolman (Tel Aviv): electronic,  Michael Maierhof: cello,  
Heiner Metzger: bass clarinet

Amnon Wolman

Amnon Wolman is a sound artist and a composer whose work is grounded in a belief that music as an art form expresses many dissimilar ideas of beauty. He works in four arenas: sound art, performance sound-art, composition and collaborative projects.
His interest and involvement in technology and in issues of time-information guide his work alongside long-standing interests in the creative process, the relationship between a performer and the artist, and collaborations. Prof. Wolman is a well-regarded composition teacher. He taught at Northwestern University, The City University of New York-Brooklyn College, Tel Aviv University, and in numerous master classes and summer courses.
He is currently on the faculty of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and the artistic director of Ensemble Musica Nova in Tel Aviv.
In the Fall of 2012 he was a guest professor of composition at Harvard University as a Schusterman Visiting Artist.

Michael Maierhof is based in Hamburg, he is writing non-pitch organized music since the early nineties. International performances.
Working with instruments, objects, preparations, applications, oscillating systems and motors. Exploring longitudinal wave phenomens on nylon strings, undertones on string instruments, friction on different structured surfaces, activation of instruments and objects by mechanical and sonic motors, the plastic materials for constructing new resonance spaces and developing analog vocoder for wind instruments and the voice.
Since 2004 he is cellist in the improv-trio NORDZUCKER (Hamburg/Berlin) and in the quartet „Stark Bewölkt“. Founder of the “Association for contemporary Music, Hamburg” (vamh.de) and co-founder of the stock11 artist network.

Heiner Metzger is involved since the early eighties in improvisation and experimental music, where he plays soundtable, saxophon, clarinet, synthesizer and piano with ensembles and once only groupings.  Beside his musical work he organises concertseries: Stark Bewölkt, h7-club, is activ in the Association for contemporary Music – Hamburg and moderates the monthly radio transmission klingding at the local radio station FSK.   With Judith Haman he creates installations, performances, radioshows and organised/curated the artist run spaces Blinzelbar and Frappant(till 2009).

Eintritt: 8.-/5.-

unterstützt vom
Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg (vamh.de)






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